Matt Watts - Marketing Consultant

Matt Tyzack

Matt has over fourteen years experience in the marketing and communication environment working in a range of sectors and businesses from Schering-Plough Healthcare, Pfizer, Cadbury Schweppes, Danone and more recently BT.

In all these roles he has built up a wealth of knowledge and product and service successes both a national and international level.

I decided to start Tyzack Marketing as there are a number of advertising and marketing agencies offering a range of services, but they are never tailored to specific business or individual needs. At Tyzack Marketing as we take a flexible approach as we can adapt faster and quicker to our clients needs



Dave Saunders – Senior Designer



Dave has been in the design and advertising industry for over 20 years and has been involved with a whole range of clients including Castrol, Intel, Symantec and Wrigley's.

He is conversant with Adobe Creative Suite, Quark and in particular Photoshop where creating imagery and retouching become paramount for web design.

All clients large and small require different marketing solutions and Dave relishes the opportunity of new design challenges.




Jon Hector – Senior Web Developer and Design Partner




"With some 15 years experience in the IT and Design industry Jon is used to working with clients to put their requirements on screen"






Tony WebberPhotographer & Multi Media Specialist



"Tony brings a wealth of multi-media experience from film to photography. With over ten years experience his insights have helped many successful campaigns come to fruition in focused, sustainable and cost affective way"